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Don't swear then.

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Q: What should you do if your character in AQW been muted?
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How long does being muted last in AQW?

Being muted in AQWorlds lasts about 5 minutes.

How long does being muted if someone report you aqw?

You get muted for maybe 1-7days depending on how you were reported or how many times.

Artix user on aqw?

His character name ingame is Artix.

What is artix AQW account?

His character name ingame is Artix.

How do you get tiklish zorbo sword in aqw?

who wants to get ticklish zorbo ticket, will have to dance on the hard mode.((( the famous character aqw-Morvios)))

What is cyseros password in aqw?

You're an idiot. Play your own character.

Who is the best character on aqw?

theo012 and theskittle21 and zane12 and demon night21

Where can you get a free account in aqw?

Click the make a account button and you can make a character.

Where to get aracara fang aqw?

go to a area called faerie forest. walk to the right then take the top path there should be a giant tree make your character walk into the tree and it should teleport you the aracara

Why cant you see yahorneths hp in AQW?

Click on a character then click on monster. Note: this is a bug.

How do you get ticlleish pet on AQW?

Uh... ticlleish pet? I think u mean the Chuckles pet. That is simple- u have to buy a chuckles t-shirt and enter the code in the book of lore. You should immediately get the items, or there has been a malfuncion in AQW. Currently, AQW has been upgraded to version1.0, so there might be some changes in the process, but overall its pretty much the same. xD

How do you be a knight class in aqw?

THis Class has not been implemented.