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Q: What should you do if you swallowed your earrings?
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A student is wearing long dangling earrings She gets to chemistry lab What should she do?

She should remove her earrings and store them somewhere safe.

Should children share earrings?

No not unless they have cleaned them and have parental permission.i personally don't think kids should get earrings but don't take that the wrong way.sharing earrings can cause serious infection and your kid may need an operationhope my answer helpedgood luckP.S how old should a kid be to get earrings cause Isla-Scarlett-Grace my kid wants earrings and she is only 6

Should the drug be swallowed?

No drugs should be swallowed, even if contained. If the containment breaks down in the body system, the consequences could be fatal.

Should you worry if you swallowed a piece of hair?


What earrings should you get your ears pierced with?

You don't get your ears pierced with earrings. You have them pierced by a needle and then the hole is filled with an earring. There are gold stud earrings which are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Can you wear earrings with army class a?

Yes, you can wear earrings with the Army Class A uniform, but they must be small, round, and plain gold or silver earrings. They should not exceed 6mm in diameter and must be worn on the lobe of the ear. Other types of earrings, such as hoops or dangling earrings, are not permitted.

What earring should you wear if you are allergic to silver?

Titanium earrings.

Which earrings should I get for the prom?

Well it depends on the style of dress that you are wearing. If you have a formal cocktail dress you could go for the stud earrings such as pearls or diamonds. If you have a flowey gown then you can go for dangly decorative earrings.

What should you do if you just swallowed milkweed?

Go see a doctor.

How do you make a long earrings?

we wear long earrings because it should be commonly visible to all and it makes brain to always be sharp . tks Niranjaan

What jewelry should you get your girlfriend on Valentine's Day?

earrings and a necklace to go with it. :)

Can nerds where earrings?

Anyone can. Whether they should is a whole other question.