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Q: What should you do if you hit your head on a metal bar?
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If you are flipping on o trampoline and fly backwards and hit your head on the metal bar and a spring pokes through your skin in the back of the head what would you do?

i would say ouchh and yell help but if it was a little scratch then i would just take it out

What did Harriet get when she got hit in the head?

She got headaches and seizures from getting hit by a heavy metal weight.

Why the mask should be discarded as soon as it shows signs of rust in fencing?

Because in epee or foil if a person is hit in head the rust could break the metal and allow the point to hit the persons face.

Why people do not use metal bottles?

It is very heavy and if you trip, the bottle might hit your head and you will have a bump

How did Stacey kill Archie mitchell?

she hit him over the head with the queen Victoria statue that sits on the bar , well used to

Does Cubic Zirconia shatter or spark when hit with a hammer?

If you want spark when you hit something with a hammer, you should hit metal, preferably steel. That should give you the result you want.

What should you do when you hit your head on cement and have a big bump?

You should probably see a doctor. That sounds like a pretty hard hit.

What should you do when you hit the back off your head very hard?

got to the doctor

Should you be worried if your son was hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat?


What was the song in hung season 3 episode 1 when he arrive in the bar?

Upbeat 70s tempo, 'hit me with a head rush, I said', something something, 'to make my head rush' Might help.

What should you do if you hit your head on wood and feel dizzy and weak?

Sit down and relax. Probably get ice for your head too.

What if you jumped on your bed and hit your head on the post giving yourself a small cut on the back of your head what should you do should you be worried if you feel tingling or is it just paranoia?

you should be worried, kid