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Q: What should you do if you have any injury or accident?
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In what kinds of situations should a person call Accident Claim Solicitors?

One situation where a person should call an Accident Claim Solicitor is after being injured in an accident, whether the injury was caused by a car accident, a criminal injury, or slipping on an unmarked wet spot in a store.

How does one make an injury claim for an occupational accident?

The first step should be to make a claim through your employer's accident procedures. This will at least register the accident. If one is seeking compensation one should contact a lawyer who specializes in injury claims.

Where is it possible to file claims for an accident or an injury?

To file a claim for compensation for an injury due to negligence, there are injury and accidents forms that a claimant needs to fill out. These forms will ask the claimant to give details about the injury or accident. If a claimant does not feel comfortable doing this on their own, they should hire an attorney who specializes in accident and injury claims.

How long should you wait to report an injury after a car accident?

0 min.

What is the definition of Personal Injury Insurance?

you need to look into : life protection insurance, accident insurance (will cover personal injury)to cover yourself against an accident you need to look for an accident insurance.There is no PERSONAL INJURY INSURANCE. its called different.Personal Injury InsurancePersonal injury insurance is an insurance provided to ensure that should you suffer an accident or injury, you are paid a lump sum to ease the financial burden in the event.Personal injury covers a number of accidents and injuries. There is a distinct difference between personal injury insuranceand a personal injury claim.In effect, personal injury insurance is the same as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) insurance.

What is the difference between injury and accident?

an ACCIDENT is due to the carelessness of a certain person (without presence of mind) while INJURY is the main effect of an accident in addition,injury happens after the accident. *) -->missmakulet

What types of investigations should be investigated?

All types of accidents should be investigated in order that they can eventually be prevented. Certainly any accident that involves injury or destruction of property should be evaluated for cause.

What is unintentional injury?

unintentional injury is an injury caused by accident.

Why should you not move an accident vicitim unless absolutely necessary?

You not move an accident victim mostly because of possible spinal injury. If they have a broken vertebra any movement can cut the spinal cord and they can become paralyzed.

Which insurance companies will cover an accident injury?

Most health insurances should cover an accident injury. It is important to look over one's health policy to ensure that accidents are indeed covered entirely.

Brain injury from motorcycle accident short term memory?

If you are experiencing short-term memory loss following a motorcycle accident, you should be in the Emergency Room, not on a computer. You could have a closed head injury.

What do you call a major accident?

There is no legal definition of a "major" accident. It is a loose description that is usually applied to any accident which causes major costly damage and/or injury or death.