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Q: What should you do if you fell down and hit your knee other than seeing a doctor?
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When should a battery call the doctor?

When it's feeling run down.

Is it bad when you start seeing water come down from your room?

Yes because your room should not be raining

Should people eat and then lie down?

i dont know, ask a doctor

How long does it take for swelling on a monroe piercing to go down?

The swelling should be completely gone within a week. If it isn't you may have an infection. You should go to a doctor and have the doctor look at it.

An iron fell from top of closet down onto your head what should you do?

see a doctor now

Can you eat down part of mushroom?

No, if you have you should see a doctor immediately this could be life threatening.

How was Ronald Reagan born?

i am guessing through a vagina seeing as he was born before an era with good medical technology and there weren't many C-sections going down, so instead the doctor had to "go down" there to deliver if you get what i be sayin

Ive been bleeding down there for 2 months now What is going on p.s. its light?

If you are seeing unusual vaginal bleeding, certainly if it's been going on for two months, then you should go to see your doctor to find out why. No one online can diagnose your health problem, it is most likely due to a hormonal imbalance but best to check with a doctor that this is all that's going on.

Are the new Doctor Who series 4 figures out in woolworths in u.k?

Seeing as wollies are closing down any answer to this would be usless as it is either already out in wollies or never will be as they are no longer re-stocking

Will hanging upside down get rid of my hiccups?

This sounds dangerous and it is not medically recommended. Do not believe everything you read in the internet or chat rooms, if you have prolonged hiccups, you would do better by seeing a doctor.

Why do you keep falling down?

This suggests a neurological disorder such as M/S or ALS, and should be investigated by a doctor.

Why does my Neck hurts after falling down?

it means its sprained my sister did that so you should go see a doctor.