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you go to the hospital

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Q: What should you do first if you cut your finger?
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If you cut your finger what should you cover the cut with?

go to the hospital

Should you finger your bum or will it hurt?

you should try it, it is both pleasurable for men and women just cut your nails first

How do you cut your finger off?

well the first thing that u want to do is make sure your finger is not breathing or talking. Get a plastic fork place it on your finger and there you go, cut the finger off. But only cut it off when there is no life in your finger.

How do you take out your finger?

first,take a knife, then cut it of,and it is done.

If your finger gets cut off do you put it in cold milk?

No! If you cut your finger off, whether it be your whole finger or just the tip, you should not place it in milk or any liquid as it will shrink. Instead, place the finger in an airtight bag and in turn, place the bag on ice. Do not put the finger directly on the ice. Take the finger to the ER with you

How do you treat a cut on the finger tip near the nail?

First clean it the best you can I know it will hurt but you have to clean it so it does not get infected. After that wrap your finger up and protect it from germs with a cloth or over sized band aid. If you cut your finger on something like a car or something with a lot of germs go to the doctor and get it checked out. When your finger is infected it can have to get cut off witch you do not want.

Does the finger print change after a cut on the finger?

No. A cut (or even several) on the finger does not change the whorls and ridges of a fingerprint enough to disguise a print.

How does bacteria enter a cut finger?

you might get bacteria with the object you used to cut your finger. the object may be dirty which has full of bacteria and then enters your cut. or when you have cut your finger you may have touched something dirty with lots of bacteria.

How do you play c natural on viola a string?

In first position, put your second finger next to your first finger, they should be touching.

What steps should you follow if you cut your finger while chopping food?

Immediately wash, medicate, and bandage the finger with a brightly covered plaster. Cover it with a plastic glove or other waterproof glove. Clean the knife, cutting board, and counter where you were cut. Throw away any food that was on the bloody surface or that you were touching when you were cut. Then you can resume cooking. Be careful.

Which finger did Wormtail cut off to fake his death?

His index finger

Did altair cut his finger?

Altair's finger is cut off as part of the initiation process/a way of disguising his hidden blade