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be sure that the way is clear, look over your back shoulder while backing, and yield to approaching traffic.never rely on your rearview mirrow alone turn around and look.

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Q: What should you do before backing out of a diagonal parking space?
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What should you do before backing out of a diagnol parking space?

look both ways and back up solwy

What kind of parking should you use when the parking space is on a diagonal to the curb?

it is called angle parking

What should you do when backing out of a angled parking space?

Should look over right should as i bak up

Should Pam yield to Lou when Lou is backing out of the his parking spot?

Pam has the right of way in most cases.

Who is at fault I was backing out of a parking spot was hit by a car coming around the corner I have no damage their right side fender was dented whose at fault?

Most defintley his fault, you were backing out, he should have saw you first.

Who is at fault if you were backed all the way out of the parking spot when you were hit by another driver who was only part way out and claims you were in her blind spot?

Is it possible that you are both at fault? The person backing out is at fault. He was stopped and should have been looking before backing out. However, if the parking lot is designed so that you can only go one way, then you may be at fault. The insurance companies will look at the police report and fight it out.

Who is at fault in a parking lot backing into a stall and hitting a car that has pulled into the stall you were going to back into?

as a rule the car backing up is more responcible cause they should be being a lot more carefull and watchfull

Who's at fault in backing accident out of driveway?

I would say probably the person backing out, as they should of looked for any oncoming cars before backing out. ---- The person backing out of the driveway who did not yield to oncoming traffic.

What is the first step you should take before backing and vehicle?

Look behind you

When backing a passenger vehicle out of a parking place you should?

Look in ALL directions and yield to ANY oncoming traffic.

What is the first step to you should take before backing any vehicle?

look behind you.

What is the first step you should take before backing any vehicle?

Look behind you