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you should be thankful for your family. (to take care of you and support you) your friends.(who care about you, and who help you make your decisions) food to eat.(to fill your hunger) your home.(to live in) Clean water. (to keep hydrated)

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Q: What should you be thankful for?
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Should Australians be thankful for war?

No one should be thankful for war

Why should you be thankful for friends?

You should be thankful because they are trustworthy you can always count on them and they are helpful

Who is thankful for the people who died in war?

I am very thankful for the people who died in war. Everyone should be thankful for them.

Why should you be thankful to the people who join the People Power I?

We should be thankful to those he join the People Power I. why?

What should you be thankful for on Thanksgiving?

Here are some things you should be thankful for:Good healthA carA houseFamilyGood FinancesLifeFoodUnfortunately, many people don't have any of these things. That's why you should be extra thankful that you are blessed to have things like that.

Is thankful spelled correct?

Yes it is There is ly added to make thankfully But as it is thankful has one l at the end

What should do if i am not getting marriage?

Be thankful

When should one be thankful?

when your life is saved!

Why should someone be thankful for their family?

(someone) actually everyone should defenetly be thankful for there family because they mostly respect you,care for you and you receive love from them!:)

What are some things that you should be thankful for?

You should be thankful for your home and your family. Your friends and maby some of your electronics like the tv or your computer. You should be tankful for the things you have like food and water.

Is a smosh luxery?

yes,yes it is a luxury and we should be thankful for that

Why should you thankful to the people who join the people power I?