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you should take your car to a shop and get it repaired. If it is really bad damage, buy a new car.

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Q: What should I do if I hit a rock that causes a dent on my car?
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Paintless Dent Repair Tools?

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What is the meaning of dent?

Example: the baseball hit the car door and left a dent.

Where can one get car dent removal services?

Car dent removal services can be attained from most local car stores and gas stations. One popular company offering this service would be the Dent Wizard.

How do you fix a bent car door?

A bent car door can be fixed by using a dent puller. It attaches to the dent via a suction cup which allows the dent to be readily popped out.

What does is mean when you have dent in your after car crash?

When we go through an accident , our car bumps with the other vehicle and the outer layer of the car goes inside and is damaged. So this is known as the dent after a car crash.

If you dented another car and then that car is totaled in a separate accident before reapirs are made do you still owe for the dent?

Yes - you still owe for the dent.

What happens if you have a dent on your car but don't know where it came from?

Then you have a dent on your car. If the repair cost is equal to or less than your deductible, then the whole of the cost will be out of pocket.

What companies provide dent removal services accessible through their websites?

Sorry to hear that your car got hit by a rock! I'm sure that we can find a dent removal service for you pronto! I would suggest SAFELITE! They replace windshields for a very good price!

How can I fix a dent in my car?

There are a number of ways you can fix the dent depending on the scale of it. For small dents, you can simply head towards any car fix area to repair them for a small fee. If it is more serious, then you should head to an engineering store you trust or go to your retailer.

How is the fault younger than three rock layers?

The rock layers that a fault passes through had to have already existed for them to break and create a fault. This is analogous to the door panel of your car had to have already existed for it to bend and create a dent.

What mph would it be to get a scratch and a dent on the car?

I get scratches and dents when I leave my car in a parking lot and people fling their car door open. A deep scratch or dent can be created at snail speed.

What can you sue for when you get in a car accident?