What sense is impaired?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What sense is impaired?
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Temporary impairment of general sense organs can occur when?

The blood flow is impaired

What happen if the sense of smell is impaired or those not function well?

Then you sir are messed up.

What is a sign of a proprioception deficit paralysis lack of coordination impaired sense of taste or muscle twitching?

lack of coordination

Can an anosmic taste?

Since an anosmic cannot smell food, their ability to taste is impaired. A person with a fully functioning sense of smell uses it to identify food and sense flavor. However, since 40% of taste consists of information that is relayed from only the taste buds, an anosmic is technically able to taste. It is just impaired.

What do you call someone with no sense of smell?

The condition is anosmia, and people with the condition are anosmic. (Some people claim this covers impaired senses of smell as well as completely absent ones, in which case it would be complete anosmia; other people claim that a merely impaired sense of smell is hyposmia, and 'anosmia' should be reserved for a complete absence.)

What does impaired perception?

Impaired perception refers to a disruption in one's ability to interpret or make sense of sensory information. This can manifest as distortions in vision, hearing, touch, taste, or smell, leading to difficulties in accurately perceiving the environment. Conditions such as drug intoxication, certain medical disorders, or brain injuries can result in impaired perception.

Is operating while visibly impaired a criminal offense?

It is not a "crime" in the usual sense of the word however it is technically a misdemeanor, chargeable under the traffic regulations.

What is a sentence for the word impaired?

My brother seems to be morally impaired. The ravages of time may bring impaired hearing.

Does blindness improve sense of touch?

Some Visually Impaired or blind people tend to believe that losing vision means gaining power in the other besisdes taste.

What senses would likely be impaired if a person were somehow missing all of the apparatus of the ear?

their balance would be off and the only sense that would be affected is their hearing

Is the sense of hearing crucial for driving succesfully?

It is not vital for safe driving, but is helpful. Being that all of the warning signs on the road are in written form or use symbols, hearing impaired drivers can easily understand them. The problem with being hearing impaired and operating a vehicle is that you cannot hear the sirens of emergency vehicles.

Abnormal function can also be referred to as what?

Impaired Function