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Running Back with Least Number of Fumbles
Thats a very General Answer, because any rookie running back that start one game and only played one game could of not fumbled at all and have the least, but if your talking of all time least fumbles, the answer is Marcus Allen with only 20 in his Carreer, but its a very bold answer because there has been players who had longer careers.
Correction: Marcus Allen actually was credited with 65 fumbles from 1982 through 1997, as per That's just over 4 fumbles per year over 16 years, which is phenomenal for a featured back and goal-line specialist. However, it is easy not to fumble when you are on the bench, as Mr. Allen was during the latter years of his tenure with the Raiders.
Better arguments might be made for the likes of Jerome Bettis, who averaged 3.15 fumbles per year over thirteen years, running directly at the defensive line almost invariably. And then there is Marshall Faulk, who averaged an amazing 3 fumbles per year over the course of his twelve year career. Irregardless of running style, that is awe-inspiring.

I would like to add Curtis Martin into this discussion, in his 11 year career he fumbled just 29 times (lost just 16 of them) at an average of 2.6363 times per year. He also was the featured back all 11 of those years, with 319 carries per year (And 44 receptions per year) and only not making the 1000 yard mark in his final season due to injury.

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Barry Sanders played 10 seasons and had 27 career fumbles.

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One of the most underappreciated RBs in the history of the game.

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Q: What running back has the least number of fumbles during their career in the NFL and how many?
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