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The same punctuation is used inside of quotation marks as is used outside of quotation marks.

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Q: What rules apply to quotation marks inside punctuation marks?
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What rules apply to punctuation inside of quotation in an APA paper?

For APA, MLA, Chicago, and most of the stylebooks I have seen, you put periods and commas inside quotation marks, like "this," and everything else outside (like question marks and semicolons).

Is punctuation placed inside or outside of quotation marks?

It depends where you live. In the USA punctuation is placed inside the quotes, like this: "My dog is brown." but in Britain, it is placed outside the quotation marks, like this "My dog is brown".

What punctuation are put around a spoken word?

Quotation marks. "" <- are quotation marks

How do you quote dialog?

You put the quotation marks around what was said, start a new paragraph for each speaker, and put any punctuation marks inside the quotation marks.

In a dialogue what punctuation is put around the spoken word?

quotation marks

What are question marks quotation and question marks called?


Which punctuation marks is used to link independent clauses?

Quotation marks (“)

Do quotation marks go inside a period or outside?

In American Language they say like this: "I wonder why she did that." In British English, most punctuation goes outside of quotation marks. Example: She said, "I wonder what they're doing". But in American English, the opposite rule applies -- most punctuation goes inside of quotation marks. Example: She said, "I wonder what they're doing."

What punctuation marks are put arounf the spoken words?

Quotation Marks. "Hey Sue, how's it going?" "Great, thank you!" Remember to put all punctuation marks before the closing quotation.

In what punctuation marks are put around the spoken words?

They are called quotation marks and are "......"

What punctuation mark often used to insert explanatory text into a quotation?

Quotation marks " "

Does a period go outside quotation marks?

You use a period inside of quotation marks when the quote you are using ends in a full stop and the sentence in which the quotation takes place is also ending.Example:She said, "He has not done his homework."