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Food, water and air.

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Q: What resources needed to survive?
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How does an owl locate the needed resources to survive?

An owl can meet its needs for food, water, and shelter in its habitat.

Which two factors can both cause a population to increase?

Reproduction & the increase of produce or other resources needed to survive.

Why is it was important to transport natural resources to the east or northeast?

I think its important to transport natural resources to the east and northeast becauseit was needed in order to survive and to sell them to other

What is capital ecosystem?

Ecosystem Capital is basically the resources that are needed for humans to survive, and be economically active. All of which is provided by the ecosystem.

How did mesopotamia become a center of trade?

Mesopotamia did not have many Natural Resources but the main resources traded were bronze and copper. They also traded produce, ideas, beliefs, and culture (art, religion, etc.) to receive what they needed to survive from neighboring civilizations.

How did the first settlers in the America use resources to survive?

the native Americans helped them survive and use resources

What is mammal competition?

Mammal competition is a theory about the extinction of the dinosaurs. It says that mammals used up all of the dinosaur's resources, and then the dinosaurs died because they didn't have the food, space, and resources they needed to survive.

What were the two most important resources to the Plain Indians?

the two most important resources were: 1 buffalo/bison 2 water they needed both of these to survive their lives so these are the most important. -BIRTHDAY girl

Storage chambers within a cell are called?

The storage chamber within a cell is called a vacuole. The vacuole contains the needed resources for the cell to survive.

What did the anasazi use for natural resources?

how did the anasazi use resources to survive

What natural resources did the Anasazi use?

how did the anasazi use resources to survive

What did the Anasazi use their natural resources for?

how did the anasazi use resources to survive