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Q: What required provision protects against unintentional lapse of the policy?
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Under which amendment are defendants not required to testify on their own behalf?

The fifth amendment protects you against testifying against yourself.

What is provision for taxation?

The amount which is kept by the company to pay taxes against its profits is known as provision for taxation. Provision for taxation considered as current liability.

What protects against sun's rays?

The ozone layer protects against sun's harmful rays. These are UV rays.

Which amendment protects citizens of the US from unreasonable disturbances by the government?

The Ninth Amendment protects against unreasonable disturbances. The Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable searches.

Which layer of the protects against ultraviolet rays?

Ozone layer protects against the UV rays. It is present as the ozone layer in stratosphere.

Which layer of the Earth protects agains metiors?

Mesosphere protects against them. It is the top layer.

What is reserve and provision?

A provision is a charge against the profits of a Company (or a set-aside) while a reserve is a transfer of profits. You could also call reserve a book entry, or a below the line adjustment. Provision is made irrespective of profits, for instance, a provision against Bad and Doubtful debts. A reserve is created out of, and only if there exists, profits.

Your Renault clio dynamique will not accelerate over 4000 rpm why?

There are two common reasons. First, there may be a governor active on the vehicle which protects against an unintentional RPM over acceleration and damage. If there is no governor, then it could likely be a bad ignition coil that is causing a loss of power and an uneven firing.

What protects against infections?

immune system

What device protects a system against lightening strikes but does not protect against sags and brownouts?

A surge protector protects a system against lightening strikes but not against sags or blackouts. Line conditioners also called power conditioners protect your computer against sags and brownouts. The UPS protects your computer against blackouts ~TiffyQT

What type of green vegetable protects against dementia and alzheimer's as you age?

The type of green vegetable that protects against dementia and Alzheimer's disease I believe is asparagus.

Why is protein vital for life?

Proteins are required in providing energy to the body,growth and repair of body cells, speeds up chemical reactions, and also protects the body against diseases.