What releases eggs?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What releases eggs?
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What produces eggs for releases into the reproductive tract?

The ovaries produce eggs

How does a red eyed tree frog reproduce?

the male releases the sperm and then the female releases her eggs.

What system releases signal molecules into the bloodstream?

endocrine glands.

How cod sperm and egg cells meet?

Well, Their sperm joins with the eggs outside of their bodies. The female releases her eggs into the water. The male then releases his sperm and the gametes join. The female has fertilised her eggs tada hope this was helpful. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) BYE BYE

What is fish egg fertilization called?

Fish typically fertilize their eggs outside of their bodies. First the female releases her eggs, then the male releases the sperm over the eggs so that it lands on them and fertilizes them.

How does a sea star reproduct?

It releases eggs and sperm into the surrounding seawater.

What female organs releases eggs and produce estrogen and progesterone?


How do Fresh water crabs bear their young?

They lay eggs. But the male crab inserts his sperm into the gonophores, and the female releases eggs. For the eggs to get fertilized by the male, there has to be saltwater.

How does the diaphragm prevent pregnancy?

It releases spermicide into the uterus to keep sperm from fertilizing eggs.

Do yellow perch are fertilized internally?

No. the female releases unfertilised eggs that are then fertilised by the male.

How do male guppies fertilise the eggs?

The male inserts his 'gonopodium' into the females 'cloaca' and releases his milt (sperm). Her 'ova' (eggs) are then fertilised internally.

How does a coral fertilise its eggs?

During spawning the coral releases both eggs and sperm into the water at the same time. Fertilization occurs in the water.