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Through marriage your step - sister's daughter is your step-niece!

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Q: What relation is my step sister's daughter to me?
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What relation your sister daughter with you?

Your sisters daygter is your neice!

What relation to you is the husband of your step daughter?

your step son in law it like the same thing as a son in law except its your step daughter's husband.

What relation to you is the step-daughter of your husband?

Your husband's step-daughter could be your daughter.Your husband could also have a step-daughter who is the daughter of a previous wife from her prior marriage to someone else. In that case, his step-daughter is not related to you, unless you adopt her.

What relation is your daughter to your sisters grandaughter?

Your daughter and your sister's child are first cousins. Your daughter and your sister's grandchild are first cousins, once removed.

What is my daughter relation ship to my new husband son?

She would be his step sister.

What is the relation between your daughter and your sister's daughter?

Your sister is great aunt to your daughter's child. The child is your sisters great nephew (if a boy) or great niece (if a girl).

What is relation mothers sisters daughter?

The relation of the mother;s sister to daughter is niece-aunts.

In relation to the band Queensryche. who is Myranda?

Miranda is the daughter of Geoff and Susan Tate. She is Geoff's step daughter in which Susan had from a previous relationship.

What relation is brothers stepdaughter to you?

your step niece,,, if it was your brothers own daughter it would be your niece, since its his stepdaughter, than its your step niece.

Are ann and Nancy Wilson sisters of gretchen Wilson?

Yes she has a daughter named Grace Penner!

What do you call your step grandpa's sisters granddaughter?

Not sure but i guess it would be your great aunt's daughter

Is your step dads sisters daughter any relation to you?

In most cases, your stepfather's wife is your mother. If your stepfather is no longer married to your mother, and has married someone else, then that person is not related to you (unless you count "step-stepmother") and, assuming the marriage ended in divorce, he is now your ex-stepfather. However, if your stepfather is your legal guardian, or has adopted you, it may be convenient to consider his wife to be your stepmother.