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most stolen bases and runs scored

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Q: What records does ricky Henderson hold?
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Who is faster Reyes or ricky Henderson?

Probably Rickey Henderson

Who stole the most bases?

ricky Henderson

Who has the most steels in baseball?

Ricky Henderson

What position did ricky Henderson play?


What baseball team was Ricky Henderson playing for when he stole over 800 bases?

Ricky Henderson stole 867 bases when he played for the Oakland Athletics.

Who has the most steals in baseball history?

Ricky Henderson

What college did Ricky Henderson goto?

Arizona state

Did ricky Henderson bat lefty?

No, Henderson threw left handed but batted right handed.

When was Ricky Dudley born?

Ricky Dudley was born on July 15, 1972, in Henderson, Texas, USA.

How many lead off he runs does Ricky Henderson have?


Who are the fastest baseball runners?

Ricky Henderson Jacoby Ellisbury

Noylan Ryan 5000th strikeout victim was?

ricky Henderson