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Nerve receptors are stimulated during urination. This stimulation occurs when the walls of the bladder contract and the urination reflex is automatically activated.

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Q: What receptors are stimulated during urination?
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What occurs when beta receptors are stimulated?

When beta receptors are stimulated, it decreases the heart rate to treat for low blood pressure.

What receptors are stimulated when their hairs are bent?


Receptors stimulated by changes in temperature?


What happens when the receptors in the skin are stimulated?

skin infection

Which is the first structure stimulated in a reflex arc?

Sensory receptors.

When cholinergic receptors are stimulated they?

sodium ions enter the postsynaptic neuron.

What receptors are stimulated in the micturition reflex?

Micturation is what we commonally call urination. There are various stretch activated receptors within the bladder and in the adjoining sphincter that participate in the reflex. The bladder has to disallow backflow and coordinate the contraction of the bladder with the relaxation of the terminal sphincter. This is done through both voluntary control of the musculature as well via sympathetic and parasympathetic reflexes.

How are sound receptors stimulated?

Pain receptors are bare dendrites that react to a certain type of stimulus. Some pain receptors become activated when extremes of heat or cold cause your skin temperature to rise or fall to dangerous levels. Hope this helps!

The process by which the brain causes a sensation to seem to come from the stimulated receptors is called?


A sensation that seems to fade away when receptors are continuously stimulated?

Sensory Adaptation, which is an adjustment made by the sensory receptors upon continuous stimulation.

What receptors are stimulated by tissue damage?

Nociceptors are stimulated by tissue damage and are also called pain receptorsSourceIntroduction to the Human Bodyby Gerard Tortora and Bryan Derrickson

During CPR the heart and what are stimulated?

During CPR the heart and lungs are stimulated.