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Q: What really happens when you get the breath knocked out of you?
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What happens when you get the air knocked out of you?

Your lungs collapse.

Shortness of breath after upper back truama?

The shortness of breath after upper back trauma is known as "having the wind knocked out of you". It is a common sports injury that occurs via blunt force to the upper back or being knocked to the ground. Someone who has had the wind knocked out of them may feel like they are dying but they recover in a matter of minutes.

What happens during a asthma attack?

your tummy hurts and it is hard to breath and its really unpleasent so ok there is your anwser!

How do people get knocked out when you put hands on their mouth and nose?

because the cant breath so that means they get no oxygen

What happens when jack punches piggy Why is this significant?

he gets knocked out

What happens when you inhale XENON?

It is an anaesthetic gas so you will get knocked out.

What happens when you eat sour punch?

You get knocked out out for about 30 seconds.

What happens with your breath when you breath out?

carbon dioxide is released into the air.

What happens first breathing in or breathing out?

you first breath in and then you breath out

When you breath in what happens to your lungs?

When you inhale, you breath in oxygen and your lungs get bigger.

What happens to electrons in the photoelcetric effect?

They are knocked off atoms -apex

What happens when respirarion happens without oxygen?

then we could not breath.