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Q: What protects your organs and keeps us warm?
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How does your hair protect us?

Hair protects your head by being a shield for it, such as, it prevents harsh sunburn, it keeps you warm. HAHA and it's also for looks.

What star keeps us warm?

The Sun

It keeps us dry in the rain but it is not an umbrella It keeps us warm at night but it is not a blanket. It keeps us cool in the summer but it is not a fan. what is it?


What do quilts do for us?

keeps us warm by maintaining body temperature.

Does cotton keep us warm or cool?

it doesn't it keeps you cool! <<< i got a cotton sweater. lol It keeps me warm :P

Why does the body use fat?

the body uses fat for many for example: the fat layer of our body keeps us warm. Fat is also used as padding and insulation for the organs and nerves.

It keeps us warm it cooks your food it gives us light?


How does heat help us?

it keeps us warm and helps plants survive

What keeps us warm in winters?


Keeps us warm made from the letters mujersp?


How does skeletone help us?

=The skeleton helps us by supporting our body and holding us up. It also protects tose of our many internal organs- e.g==skull protects the brain==ribs protect the lungs and heart==backbone protects the kidney=

Why does a blanket keeps us warm in winter?

Because it traps the heat that comes from your body from escaping, so you have more heat so it keeps you warm.