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Beta cells of the pancreas.

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Q: What produces insulin to remove glucose from the blood?
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Which organ adds or removes glucose from the blood as necessary?

The liver is the organ that produces and removed glucose from the blood. The liver also produces insulin that helps metabolize carbohydrates.

What hormone produces excessive diuresis without high blood glucose levels?


What are beta cells?

Cells located in the pancreas that produces insulin. Insulin controls the amount of glucose in the blood and, when glucose levels spike, cause certain cells to 'suck up' the access glucose and store it.

Where is insulin produced from?

after eating, your blood glucose level goes up and the insulin would kick in, insulin is released from the pancreas and the insulin opens the cell door for glucose and the blood glucose levels go back to normal.

What cells in the pancreas play a role in diabetes?

Insulin...When the blood-sugar level in your body is too high, your pancreas produces more insulin which then allows the glucose to be absorbed by body cells. The glucose level will then reduce. When the Blood-sugar level is too low, your pancreas does not release insulin, which mean that less glucose is absorbed in body cells. The glucose level in the blood is therefore increased.

What is insuline resistance?

insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas/beta cells when you eat glucose(sugar) is in the blood stream in order for your cells to use the glucose for energy or store it insulin has to "unlock the gate" to let glucose into the cell in insulin resistance your body cells don't let the insulin "unlock the gate" so the pancreas produces more insulin so you have a lot of insulin in your blood stream Type2 Diabetes - pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or the muscle cells does not able to properly utilize the insulin.

What does pancreas secrete when blood glucose falls?

Pancreas detects blood glucose level by its cells called "Islets of Langerhans." When the blood glucose level is too high, it releases insulin. When it becomes too low, the pancreas then releases glucagon to elevate a low blood glucose.

What is functions of glucagon and insulin?

Insulin decrease blood glucose level.Glucon increase glucose level.

Which organ produces inculin?

The pancreas produces insulin. Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels by allowing cells to take in and utilize glucose as an energy source.

What hormone is secreted when blood glucose is high?

insulin is secreted in response to high blood sugar.

When blood glucose level rises the pancreas secretes insulin and as a result blood glucose level declines When blood glucose level is low the pancreas secretes glucagon and as a result blood gluc?

Insulin decrease glucose level.Glucogon increase glucose level.

What is the concentration of glucose in the blood is primarily regulated by what?

The primary regulators of blood glucose are the hormones glucagon and insulin. Glucagon raises it and insulin lowers it.