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Q: What process of maintaining a steady internal state in the body?
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What is the process of maintaining a steady state inside the body?


What is mean Homeostasis?

The body's attempt at maintaining a "steady state" or internal balance, whether that be maintaining the same temperature, blood glucose levels, blood pH...ect

Steady state flow process?

what is steady state flow process in fluid dynamics

What state processes of maintaining a steady state inside the body?


What is the steady internal state that all organisms must maintain to survive?

Homeostasis is the steady internal state all organisms must maintain in order to survive.

What does haemostasis mean?

Homeostasis is the steady state physiological condition of the body. Maintains internal environment.

What does homestasis do?

Homeostasis refers to the state of balance that is achieved within a cell or an organism. It is a state achieved through various internal processes. This type of internal homeostatic regulation is important to an organism to survive in a wide variety of environmental conditions.Homeostasis is the process of your body maintaining a stable state while the external environment changes.

Which is the process of maintaing a steady state inside the body?


What does steady temperature?

Steady temperature is the temperature which does not vary over time but remains constant with the changing time. Usually this steady state is achieved and we record the different readings to anlayse a process its efficiency.

Steady state gain of the system?

Steady state gain,

What is the stable internal environment of cells?

I believe it is "homeostasis". It is a cell's natural resting state.

What is the value of internal energy in a cyclic process in thermodynamics?

Since internal energy is a state function and a cyclic process always returns to the same state (that's how you define a cyclic process), the value of the the internal energy will remain constant. That is not to say that it doesn't change along the cyclic path during the process - just that it always returns to the same value when the cycle is complete.