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The Industrial Revolution led to development of the Nations and strengthened economies worldwide, but it also created a lot of social problems. These problems had both immediate and long term effects.

The Industrial revolution led to use of machines thus leading to the current unemployment issue. When a single machine can do job of 100 people with need of only one operator, where will the other 99 people go?

Secondly, the Industrial Revolution led to the rat race of money: people now want to earn more and more cash.

Thirdly, instead of attending functions, ceremonies, and other social gatherings, people are now preferring to avoid these for the sake of earning more money. For those reasons the social life of the individual began to vanish each day.

In accordance with the lack of social involvement, there was also an increase of disunity within the family. When people lived in smaller villages or rural areas, the leader of the household generally worked where the family lived or nearby, with mothers and children performing only household chores. After industrialization, the men, and often women as well, began leaving home to work in factories, while children were left to their own devices. With less time spent together in the home, families lost their unity.

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Q: What problems did the Industrial Revolution cause to the society?
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