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Q: What pressure can you obtain with your mouth?
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How do archebacteria obtain food?


How do sea lillies obtain oxygen?

by the mouth

Is mouth to mouth resuscitation positive pressure inhalation?


What is the best way to measure air pressure?

Suck in the air with your mouth. If your mouth explodes, then there is high air pressure.

Where do you obtain oxygen from?

you obtain oxygen from your lungs you could breath through your nose and through your mouth

How does a puffin obtain its food?

By opening its mouth and consuming it!

How do living in things obtain water?

through their mouth

When you get your mouth appliance off does it hurt?

it does not hurt but does have a lot of pressure on your mouth

How does a rhinoceros obtain food?

It takes it in through it's mouth=)

How do differences in air pressure cause a liquid to flow through the straw and into your mouth?

The pressure inside your mouth is less than the atmosperehic pressure above the glass. The water is pushed through the straw by this difference in pressure.

How is low pressure created in mouth?

by your tongue.

Does a barometer measure blood pressure?

The instrument used to obtain blood pressure is a sphygmomanometer.