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Q: What precautions you would suggest yo your elders about edema?
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How can hyperosmolar solution be beneficial to reducing the edema in the brain?

Edema is an accumulation of fluid inside the body's tissues. Because of that hyperosmolar solution, which helps water to move out of the cell, would be beneficial to reducing the edema in the brain.

Can diet reduce edema?

I would suggest Cat's claw tea. It appears that Cat's Claw's anti-inflammatory activity is due mainly to the glycosides present in the plant. These glycosides appear to work synergistically to reduce the edema associated with the inflammatory reaction. In addition, three steroidal substances in the herb also possess anti-inflammatory action.

What would you see physically in a person who has blocked lymph vessels?


What would negatively affect carbon dioxide alveolar diffusion?

pulmonary edema

What if water kept entering but not leaving the cell?

Edema, and eventually it would burst.

How did our elders live without a technology?

Our elders lived by making fires and for their spare time they would read or play marbles .ect

What is endplate edema?

Edema is swelling of an extremity or area of the body. A degenerative end plate may be an area that shows up on an x-ray showing breakdown of bone. A physician will need to evaluate and treat.

How did the aboriginals know what their laws were?

Australian Aborigines had a strong oral tradition for the transmission of stories and laws. The tribesmen would learn this information from the elders through constant repetition and discussion. If there was a question about whether the law was violated, the question would be brought to the elders who would make a ruling in accordance with the laws that they had learned from their elders.

If the lymphatic system did not function what would be the effects in the human body?

The body would swell with fluid, a condition called edema.

What precautions should you be aware of if going to Australia?

There are no precautions necessary for travelling to Australia, beyond the usual basic safety precautions one would take within one's own country. No vaccinations are needed.

Would pulmonary edema cause disruption in perfusion while diffusion would be normal?

it desrupt both perfusion and diffusion in lungs

What jobs did Inuit elders have?

inuit elders were usually rare and died of diseases but if they were alive they would be chief or just sit home and babysit children and toddlers