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Q: What precautions would you take to ensure your passwords are secure?
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What makes SSH secure?

Passwords are transferred over ssh in hashed form, not plaintext. Assuming you have a strong password, it would be very difficult to figure it out based on it's hash.

Which option is the most secure type of user authentication?

Which of the following would be the most secure way of authenticating? a. Using a 20-character passwordb. Using a smart card and a PINc. Using a password and a PINd. Using two different passwords at once

How can you recover your outlook 2007 password?

With the third party outlook password recovery software you can recover lost outlook 2007 password. One more option you can try for the same purpose, ask your ISP (Internet service provider) to change password of your account and send you.For this purpose you may use tool below. It will help you to retrieve/recover outlook password of versions MS Outlook 2000 up to 2007.

How do i keep easy passwords with using special characters letters numbers?

Instead of using passwords, use passphrases. Passwords longer than twenty characters become harder for hackers to guess, and they take too long for a hacker to brute force. Upwards of thirty characters would take years to crack - the passphrase "ThisPasswordIsVeryDifficultToCrack" would take years to crack, but it's obvious. Trying a passphrase such as "HorseDogLlamaChickenOneHundredAndSixtyFourBlue" is not as difficult to remember as "£hwne&n8HG(^$J" but is just as secure.

How a password protects data against crminal elements?

Passwords allow only authorised people to view the information. Without the password - the data remains secure. Passwords can be any length (usually a minimum of five characters) - and made up from numbers, letters and other characters. The longer the password - the more secure it is. For example... say you need a password of just numbers and letters... a five digit password would have a possible 60,466,176 combinations. However a ten-digit password would have 3656158,440,062,976 possibilities !

How do you protect websites' user password and etc when they are entering on their PC before submit?

Pages that need passwords always have "HTTPS" as part of their website address. That shows it's a secure page. Next time when you are filling in passwords look at the browser address and you'll see what I mean. It would look something like this.

Can cops break iPhone passwords?

Cops cannot break iPhone passwords for no reason. That would be a breach of privacy, and isn't allowed for no reason. Plus, the average police officer would not have the skills to crack iPhone passwords.

Your PC has Passwords But you want to Bypass when Starting PC?

Then disable them in the BIOS. What good would passwords be if you could bypass them at will?

What are common RuneScape passwords?

Wikianswers does not know any personal passwords for any site, nor would it give them out if they were known.

Is there a folder on your computer that saves passwords you enter?

No, as this would be a security risk. Passwords are normally held in the registry but they are encrypted and unable to be viewed.

Is standard email transfer secure Why not How would you make it secure?

No, email is transmitted in plaintext. A secure solution would involve encrypting your email or using a more secure protocol (secure ftp, ssh, https, etc)

Why do you have passwords?

Same reason we have door locks and safety procedures: because not everyone is friendly, and they would love to hack accounts without passwords...