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Q: What potential advantages could companies like standard oil offer consumers?
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Advantages of the Standard electrode potential?

Standard electrode potential is a redox electrode. This is the forms the basis of the thermodynamic scale.

What is normal potential and what is the difference between standard and normal potential?

Normal potential is the the potential at 273o K, standard potential is the potential at 298o K, 101325 Pa and concentrations in 1 M.

What is the difference between cell potential and standard cell potential?

the standard cell potential is the cell potential at standard conditions (25C , 1 atm , and 1M ) but the cell potential is the cell potential of the cell under a real condition and we use nernst equation . i hope this is useful

What does a negative value for the standard potential indicate?

the negative value for a standard potential indicates that the reaction is not spontaneous.

When was American Standard Companies created?

American Standard Companies was created in 1872.

What is the population of American Standard Companies?

American Standard Companies's population is 15,200.

What are advantages and disadvantages of having a uniform accounting standard globally?

One of the advantages of having a uniform accounting standard is knowing that you are comparing apples to apples if you were comparing two companies results. For example, if you were comparing a US company that used US GAAP and a company in India which used different accounting standards, you could not be sure that any comparisons would be based on the same methodology. With a uniform accounting standard, all companies would be required to value/measure and report their results the same way, therefore you could do a better comparison between the two companies.

What are the advantages of a Standard student loan?

What is a "Standard" student loan?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of monopolistic trusts such as the Standard Oil Trust for consumers?

One advantage of a monopolistic trust are that prices can remain low. Disadvantages of monopolistic trusts is that it eliminates competition and can result in an unequal distribution of wealth.

What are the advantages of standard method of measurement?


How are standard electrode potentials listed in the Standard Reduction Potentials table?

Electrodes are arranged in the increasing order of their standard reduction potential in the Standard reduction Potential Series.This Series is also known as ELECTROCHEMICAL SERIES.

What is advantages of standard mail?

It's the cheapest option, other than that there are no advantages.