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The intake valve is always bigger.

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Q: What port is the exhaust and witch one is intake port on a 5.7 Chevy?
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How do you find the intake and exhaust lifters on a engine?

The exhaust lifters will line up with the exhaust manifolds,Remove the valve cover if your working on a V8 and the valve that lines up with the exhaust port will be the exhaust valve,If it is a Chevy V8 they will be from standing in front of the car exhaust,intake,intake,exhaust,exhaust,intake,intake,exhaust.

On a Chevy 350 which valves are exhaust and which are intake?

From the front of the head it's EIIEEIIE. This is the same on both sides - (I=Intake, E=Exhaust) With the valve covers off the rocker that aligns with the exhaust port is the exhaust the other will align with the intake manifold runner this would be your intake

What tappets on a 1990 Chevy Suburban is exhaust?

Follow the path from the exhaust port on the head. That will show you which is the exhaust rocker, which leads to the exhaust pushrod, which leads to the exhaust tappet.

Which valve is the intake valve on number 1 cylinder for a 460 Ford engine?

the valve on intake port side and exhause valve on exhaust manifold side.

Where is the temp sending unit for a Chevy 350?

It is located on the drivers side right above the exhaust manifold towards the front/next too the first exhaust port

Where doese the brake bosster line goes on the intake ofa1979 Chevy c10 305?

It does not hook to the intake. It fits on the big vacuum port on the back of the carburetor.

Why is valve overlap important?

Having the exhaust valve still open when the intake starts to open uses the exhaust "pull" out the exhaust port to help start the intake charge entering the chamber -- before the piston has started down and has generated it's own vacuum. Also, leaving the valves open longer (duration) increased the density of the intake charge and allowed the headers to better scavenge the exhaust gasses out.

Where does a 87 Chevy 305 map sensor vacuum line connect?

on the back of the throttle body or intake port.

What is the type of valve used in automotive engines called?

I am assuming you are referring to port valves. Exhaust and intake valves are the most common names.

How do you make a 1999 Chevy Tahoe faster?

upgrade the air flow! cold air intake,headers,hi flow exhaust and if you are up to it get a port and polish you can even do it yourself i have done all of these and it has gained a lot of power what ever you do don't get the hypertek programmer it sucks.

Location of a 02 sensor on 89 Chevy Celebrity?

The location of the O2 sensor depends on which engine your Chevy Celebrity has. If it is the 2.5L 4 cylinder the O2 sensor is on the front of the exhaust manifold near the exhaust port. If it has the 2.8L V6 the O2 sensor is on the top center of the exhaust manifold near the firewall.

Oval port cylinder heads look like on a big block Chevy?

One can tell the difference between the oval, and rectanglular ;port heads, just by looking at the intake.