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Q: What policies generally provide for the full limit of liability for each occurrence?
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What services doe Strassman provide to their customers?

Strassman Insurance Services provides a broad range of policies to both business and individuals. These policies include property and liability and employee benefits for businesses. For individuals they offer life, health, disability and vehicle. They also provide umbrella policies for both businesses and individuals.

Can you draw off your husband aflac if you get divorced?

Probably not. Insurance policies generally do not provide benefits for unrelated parties.

Does personal liability umbrella insurance cover you in volunteer positions?

Umbrella policies set on top of personal liability insurance policies. Normally your homeowners policy provides this type of coverage . the umbrella policy should follow the coverage of the personal liability . It may or may not provide coverage for volunteer positions as policies are different from state to state and company to company. You need to consult your personal agent to review you current poliicy to make sure your policy provides the coverage that you are asking about

Does Johnson Insurance provide insurance for businesses?

Johnson Insurance is a full-service insurance agent.They can provide all types of personal and business policies including, but not limited to home, auto, renter's, business umbrellas and professional liability.

What services does Community Insurance provide?

Community Insurance provide a number of financial services. They provide general liability, auto liability and school board legal liability services. One can make claims online.

What is contractor's general liability insurance?

Contractor's general liability insurance is, essentially, "malpractice" insurance for general contractors. That is, it provides indemnity for a party who has sustained compensable injuries for the negligent act or omission of a general contractor. Like other liability insurance, this type provides a defense to the insured when liability (fault) is contested. That is, part of the insuring agreement provides that the insurer will hire and pay an attorney to defend the insured, investigate the claim, and pay related costs. Generally, these attorney fees and costs are paid in addition to the indemnity benefit. However, some policies provide that they reduce available indemnity benefits,

Do you have to provide a copy of your insured's liability policy to a claimant's attorney when requested in Ohio?

You don not have to provide a copy of your liability policy when requested. You only have to provide the policy if a court or judge requests it.

Where can I find construction liability insurance online?

Construction liability insurance costs depend on exactly what in your construction business you want to be protected against. You can choose policies that cover every aspect of building and which cost more depending on the actual cost of your building project. You can also opt for more restricted policies which provide liability insurance on certain portions of your building projects. Most major insurance carriers offer liability insurance, and you may first want to start by calling the carriers that are listed in the yellow pages of your phone book. If they do not carry the type of liability insurance you need, they can often refer you to a company that has just what you need.

Can you have auto insurance without a car?

You do not have to own a vehicle to bind car insurance. If you do not own a vehicle you can purchase auto insurance to cover you when you are driving borrowed and unowned vehicles. Named non-owners insurance is a policy for individuals who drive borrowed cars and have a need for liability insurance. If you are required to provide an SR-22 to the DMV to keep your driving privilege and do not own a vehicle, named non-owners policies are the best solution. These policies will provide you with liability coverage in any car you do not own if you are found at fault for injuries or damage.

Is couples counseling generally covered by company health insurance policies?

Yes, most company health insurance policies provide some form of mental health coverage and couples counseling is generally covered by it. However, health plans vary significantly so be sure to check your copay, coverage and other details.

What is the purpose of professional liability insurance in the medical field?

Professional liability of any sort is intended to afford protection for the named insured's errors or omissions while conducting the business or profession in which he/she/it is engaged. Coverage assumes that the claim comes within the scope of the policy, that the policy is in force at the time of the claim or when the wrongful act allegedly occurred (depending upon whether it is an "occurrence" policy or a "claims made" policy), that the claim is timely reported, and that there are no other coverage defenses. The coverage afforded is generally twofold, similar to other liability policies: 1. The payment of attorney's fees for the defense of those insured under the policy. The insurer generally has the right to select the defense attorneys and to "control the defense", including, making the decision to settle or to litigate the case. Some policies have a "consent to settle" provision which allows the insured some say in the settlement decision. In all events, the insured has an obligation to cooperate with the insurer and the attorneys in the conduct of the defense. 2. To indemnify the insured for damages for which he/she/it is found legally liable, including the payment of a settlement negotiated by the insurer. Note, though, that the terms of the policy may provide for a liability deductible, so that the insured may have to contribute toward the damages as provided.

Where can builders get public liability insurance?

Builders can get a public liability insurance from Builders Insurance and Builders Liability Insurance. Both of these organizations will provide builders with online quotes.