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Rickey Henderson and Ted Williams

Tim Raines did too.

Omar Vizquel did it as well.

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Ted Williams Rickey Henderson

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Q: What players in MLB history have stolen bases in four separate decades?
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Who has the most stolen bases in New York Yankees history?

Derek Jeter has the most stolen bases in Yankees history.

Who were the only two players in history with at least 3000 hits 250 homers 300 stolen bases and 1200 RBI?

Carlos Beltran, Alex Rodriguez and Gary Sheffield

How many players 400home runs 400 stolen bases?

Barr Bonds

What players have 500 home runs and 500 stolen bases?

According to the book Total Baseball, Fred Tenney stole first base in the early 1900s but I have found nothing documented to confirm that. I don't know that history has accurately recorded the first player to steal first base but certainly one of the first, if not the only player, to do it was Germany Schaefer who played with several teams in a career that spanned 1901-1918. The story goes that, during a game in 1908, he was on first and a man was on third when the double steal was called. Schaefer stole second but the catcher held on to the ball so the runner on third could not advance. On the next pitch Schaefer stole first base and again the catcher held onto the ball. On the third pitch Schaefer stole second again and this time drew a throw which allowed the runner on third to score.

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What players are the top 2 on the career stolen bases list?

Rickey Henderson is MLB's all time stolen base leader with 1406. Lou Brock is second with 938.

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Who has the most stolen bases in Red Sox history?

Harry Hooper with 300.