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running is good for everywhere even your heart

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Q: What part of the body is running good for?
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Which part of the body needs blood when running?

plasma!! :)

How is running good for your body?

You stay in shape

Is running a mile daily bad for teenagers?

it is good for their body

What body part is the carrot good for?

every part

How is running a good type of energy?

Running is a good type of exersise because it gets your legs moving and the blood pumping through the body.

Do running tops for women offer a lot of upper body support?

Yes, running tops add quite a bit of upper body support when running. They are a good idea to wear.

What is a good running workout for someone in good shape?

A good running exercise for someone that is already in good shape is running up and down stairs. This is an exercise that can be done in a small amount of time, and have a really great impact on your body.

What part of the body is mush good for?

the brain

What part of the body are tomatoes good for?


Is running bad for the body?

It is very good cardio but can impact your knees badly.

What body part has to be over the line to make you qualify as a winner of running?

Any part of the torso TOUCHING the vertical plane of the line...

Is running good for your body?

Yes. In general, you should do some exercise any day; running is just one of many options.