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Actually, I was looking for the answer to this question. So far I know that household vinegar has a pH of 2.3. It stings cuts, but does not do real damage. For cleaning minerals from an irrigation line, I need a pH of 2.0 using sulfuric acid, and it sometimes gets down to 1.7. I wear rubber gloves, but have sometimes spilled some on my skin with no noticeable ill effect. I'm looking for a more authoritative answer.

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Q: What pH levels are safe for skin?
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Why does your skin have pH?

PH levels are the identifying factors used by the body to display the level of bacteria resistant properties the skin possesses. PH levels are used to determine the acidic or alkaline levels of the skin.

PH levels of the hair and skin?

pH level of the hair and skin are 5.5

Why different skin areas may have different ph levels?

Different parts of the skin tend to have different acidity levels which is why the ph levels change.

What the safe pH of the soap?

pH 5.5 which is about the same pH as the skin.

Why different skin areas may have dieeferent ph levels?

Different things can raise the PH levels on your skin. Washing can lower PH so that means areas of skin like your face and hands will have a lower PH level than your torso or feet.

Why different skin areas may have different ph levels-?

Skin has different pH levels in different areas because of varying levels of lactic acid, amino acids, fatty acids, and metabolites.

Are high pH levels in a bromine pool harmful?

High pH levels in a bromine pool can be harmful as it can reduce the effectiveness of the bromine sanitizer, leading to ineffective disinfection of the water. Additionally, high pH can cause skin and eye irritation in swimmers and promote the growth of algae in the pool. Regularly monitoring and adjusting the pH levels in a bromine pool is important to maintain water quality and keep swimmers safe.

Can apple skin be a PH indicator?

Yes, apple skin can act as a pH indicator. When exposed to different acidic or alkaline solutions, the color of the apple skin may change, indicating the pH of the solution. This is due to the presence of anthocyanins in the apple skin, which exhibit different colors at different pH levels.

What is the suitable pH level in soaps for infants and babies?

The best pH level for soap the use on an infant is 7. A safe level for humans pH level of soap is anywhere from 7 to 14. This is to mainttain a safe pH level in the skin naturally.

Can you go in hot tub if pH is high?

It is not recommended to use a hot tub if the pH levels are high. High pH levels can lead to skin and eye irritation, and reduce the effectiveness of the chlorine in disinfecting the water. It is important to adjust the pH levels to the appropriate range before using the hot tub.

What will happen if your pH levels are too low or too high?

If pH levels are too low (acidic), it can lead to skin irritation, corrosion of surfaces, and harm aquatic life. If pH levels are too high (alkaline), it can also cause skin irritation, affect nutrient availability for plants, and harm aquatic life by disrupting the balance of the ecosystem. Regularly monitoring and adjusting pH levels is important to maintain a healthy environment.

Why are your iredescent sharks skin peeling?

it's because of the quality of water they live in, salinity, ph levels etc..