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Q: What organ excretes the largest amount of water per day?
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Which organ excretes water fat and various catabolic wastes?


What is the largest component of the human body?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. The biggest "component" in the body is water.

Which organ uses sweat to excrete water salts and small amount of water?

The skin,is the organ that uses sweat to excrete water,salts,and a small amount of urea

What organ removes excess water salts uric acids and chemicals from the blood?

Kidneys are the main organ, which excretes the salt from the body but then skin it hot tropical climate may loose large amount of salt through perspiration. Which may amount to one liter/ hour and may contain 3 grams/liter of salt in it.

What are five organs of excretion not including kidneys?

anus,eyes,ears,nose and genital. These excreted chhit/ feces,tears,dirt,nosy water etc. Skin also sweat.

Does fish breath with their gills?

Yes. Fish and many other aquatic organisms have gills. The gill is a respiratory organ that extracts dissolved oxygen from water and excretes carbon dioxide.

Oceans contain the largest amount of?


True or false the body excretes extra water through sweating and urinating?

The body excretes excess water through urination. It sweats to reduce the body temperature not to get rid of water.

What does excretes excess salt and water?

The kidneys are responsible for excreting excess salt and water from the body through urine. This helps maintain the body's balance of fluids and electrolytes.

How do you put organ in a sentence?

All the living organisms in the water died when I added to much bleach.

What hemisphere has the largest amount of water?

The southern one has.

What organ produces sweat?

heart This is incorrect. Sweat is produced by sweat glands in the skin.