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Q: What one thing could you have done to be even more effective?
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What if you accidentally the whole thing?

it's impossible, it can't be done! even if it was done it would accomplish nothing but horror pain and dispair.

What do you fight for?

you could fight for any thing even rights

Where have you exhibited integrity in your work?

If you are asked about a time when you have exhibited integrity in your work, think about a time have done the right thing, even if it wasn't easy. This could be a time when you were overpaid, and brought it to the attention of the company. It could also be when you owned up to a mistake that you made, even though no one would have known it was your fault if you hadn't.

What do seaside sparrow eat?

It could eat seeds or small thing's could even eat bugs

Is the word done an action verb?

The word "done" isn't even a word at all. You should learn your is an word I tells when you are doing some thing god bless you

Should policy makers attempt to eliminate all types of unemployment?

Even if they tried it could not be done.

What are suggestions for workers participation more effective in IT industry?

Some suggestions for workers participation more effective in IT industry would be to have a contest. You could even have special cook outs to boost workers morale.

Is there any artist better than Panda Bear?

Definitely not. How could you even suggest such a thing?

Is it abuse if you feel hurt when your wife is calling you a thief in order to get even?

Not really. If that is the only thing that she is doing. But if she is saying it to get even then you must have done something wrong! Did you steal anything?

How do you correct over-processed relaxed hair?

A deep conditioning treatment can help with damage, but the best and most effective thing to do is to get a haircut. Even a slight trim will help.

Why is there value to knowing why something is done instead of just how it is done?

Understanding the "why" behind an action or decision provides context and meaning, helping to deepen insight and knowledge. It encourages critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and can lead to more effective and efficient outcomes, as it allows for informed decision-making and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

How does a pollen grain get to the stigma of a pistil?

It could be done by animal pollination , wind pollination or even self pollination.