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Q: What oil do you use for a Massey Ferguson gc 2400?
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How do you change oil on a Massey Ferguson 135?

To change the oil in a Massey Ferguson 135 tractor refer to the books instructions. The instructions will guide you on where to drain the oil, what oil to use, and how to replace.

What type of transmission oil or fluid does a Massey Ferguson 3050 use?

The same oil as you put in the engine!

What type oil is used in massey ferguson 1428 rear end?

Use Massey Ferguson hydraulic oil or an equivalent due to the unit having a wet brakes and clutch, regular hydraulic oil will give you problems down the road.

How much oil and what type is in massey-ferguson 135 gas tractor?

8 gallons use a suitable replacement oil for part # M1127-M1129A

What type of hydraulic oil does a Massey Ferguson use?

On my 1980 245 massey I use TDH, avaiable at Wallmart in 5 gal pails for under 50 dollars, you'd pay more at NAP etc.

What type of transmission oil or fluid and how does a 1962 Massey Ferguson Super 90 use.?

Use only Honda ATF! Your Honda dealer will have the proper fluid.

What antifreeze to use for Massey Ferguson diesiel?

Plain universal green.

Will a Massey Ferguson 12 baler take plastic string?

I have a model 12 MF baler, and I use the plastic twine all the time with no problems. Don in Oregon

The Best Place to Find Massey Ferguson Tractor Parts?

If you own a Massey Fergusontractor, there is a convenient online source to orderMassey Ferguson tractor parts. A tractor supply store website is a good source because it has a nationwide network of buyers anddealersor private sellers that might have theMassey Ferguson partsyou need. Because you can set your search parameters to search by brandname, it only takes a few minutes a week to find what you are looking for. Massey Fergusontractorpartscan be found online at the manufacturer's website sometimes, but it can take longer than ordering from a tractor supply store website, where the price can be much cheaper. The reason for this is that many of the dealers or private sellers are anxious to move their products quickly so they offer better pricing and are more anxious to take care of your request quickly. With secureonlinepaymentmethods and shipping guarantees, many people enjoy the convenience of using a tractor supply store website to buy their Massey Ferguson tractor parts and other accessories or farm equipment. You can find a wide array of products that are used by the farming industry or those that need tractors and their accessories. Even people with large acreage yards may have a need for Massey Ferguson parts, even though they just use them to mow. Massey Ferguson has been around for more than forty years. Even golf courses use Massey Fergusons, so you can find a source for used tractors or Massey Ferguson tractor parts from some surprising sources. You never know when a private seller is going to run across some spare parts in their shop for a Massey Ferguson they no longer have and you will find a great deal on them. Sometimes, dealers may have going out of business sales and they will advertise them on the tractor supply store websites just to reach a wide audience of buyers in a quick amount of time. If you are looking for Massey Ferguson tractor parts, chances are you will find exactly what you need on these websites. The next time you find a need for a discount source for Massey Ferguson parts, remember to search the tractor supply store website first. They might just have what you are looking for at a much lower price than you will find any place else, whether online or in a retail dealer location.

What Steering fluid do you use in 1998 Massey Ferguson 394s?

Almost all power steering fluid is the same. You can even use trans fluid in power steering which is why I never buy it. I buy the one for both. You CANNOT however use power steering in an automatic transmission.

What do they use in Los Angeles?

massey school

How much oil and what type is in Massey Ferguson 1010 diesel tractor?

Engine crankcase takes 2.3 US quarts. Oil and filter change, 2.64 US quarts. However, if your tractor oil pan has 2 drain plugs, it is a later model and it will hold a little more oil. Mine is like this and I believe it took 3.2 US quarts with an oil and filter change. Check the dipstick on level ground. Note when you add oil to the fuel injection pump, any overflow will run into the engine crankcase. It uses exactly the same oil, but be careful to not overfill the crankcase as a result. MF recommended SAE 30w or 10w-30 above 40 degrees F, 10w-30 only below 40 F. I use Rotella oil in my 1010. Make sure you use a motor oil rated for diesel use.