What noises do ghosts make?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Ghosts make no noises. They can only communicate with u in a way that does not shut your mind. If you pay attention you could definitely recieve messages from ghosts.

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Q: What noises do ghosts make?
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Creaking noises in your house are made by ghosts Can it be explained by science?

yes, it's called your house is settling and there is no such thing as ghosts

What are ghosts attracted to. What objects?

Ghosts are mainly attracted to objects that they were familiar to when they were alive. They are also attracted to noises that represent a familiar environment to, also.

What noises do goanna make?

they make harsh hissing noises.

What is poltergist?

Poltergeist are invisible forces, aka "ghosts", that produce noises and move objects through the air.

How do you if there's a ghosts around you?

You can tell by listining to noises, seeing movements, and it gets really cold or hot.

Why do you think you hear ghostly noises at night even though you KNOW ghosts dont exist?

While many will argue that ghosts and the supernatural DO exist, if you are completely positive that ghosts do not exist, there are several perfectly mundane explanantions for noises. The noises of pets, neighbours, weather, family members, houses creaking, natural disasters, intruders, imagination and electrical pulses have all been mistaken for a supernatural presence. Maybe it's time to start believing.

What noises do gorrilas make?

Gorillas Make Monkey Noises But With A Lower Voice. Gorillas Make Monkey Noises But With A Lower Voice.

Do jellyfish make noises?

Jellyfish do not make any noises that come from their body. The noises that they make come from moving throughout the water.

How do you make noises with a crystal glasses?

you can make noises by tapping them together

Are ghosts attracted to sound of vehicles?

from what most believe (including myself) ghosts are attracted to things they liked or hated in life, if they hated or liked car noises they would be repelled or attracted to them

What noises do Amazonian animals make?

human noises

Why do dolphins make squeaky noises and where do the noises come from?

They make the noises from having kinky bum shex and their noses come from your mum.