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Q: What name for a word that spells the same both ways?
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What vehicle spells the same both ways?

"Race car" is a palindrome. So is "a Toyota." ("Palindrome" is the term for a word or phrase spelled the same from either end.)

What do you call a word that spells something both ways?

A word or phrase that reads the same way from left to right or from right to left is called a palindrome.

Can rachel be spelled in different ways?

yes. i have a friend who spells her name: Rachael.

How do you spell the name 'Jadiza' in French?

The letters in the name 'Jadiza' look the same in English and in French. But the languages have different ways of spelling the name. For English spells it as follows: jay-ay-dee-eye*-zee-ay. And French spells it in the following way: zhee-ah-day-ee-zehd-ah. *The sound is the same as the English word 'eye'.

What name is given to a word that reads the same both ways?

Such a word or phrase is called a palindrome.

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There are no ways of getting rid of spells on Lego Harry Potter.

Word reads the same in both ways?


What is a number that reads the same both ways?


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They are both 4 sided quadrilaterals They both have 2 diagonals The both have 2 equal acute and 2 equal obtuse interior angles that add up to 360 degrees

What is the same about physical changes and chemical changes?

they both change in same ways!

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they both have mcdonalds

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