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Q: What molecule catalyzes covalent bond formation between fragments of DNA?
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What molecule catalyzes covalent bond formation between DNA?

DNA ligase

How can a covalent bond break?

covalent bonds can be broken if energy is added to a molecule. this formation of covalent bond is accompanied by energy given off.

How does the presence of an electronegative atom in a molecule contribute to the formation of a polar covalent bond?

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Which type of bond leads to the formation of a molecule?

Covalent bonds occur between the atoms that make up molecules.

Is hydrochloric acid a covalent molecule?

A covalent molecule

Is NF3 a purely covalent molecule?

The molecule is covalent, the N-F bonds are polar covalent.

Is oxygen molecule a covalent bond?

yes oxygen molecule is covalent

Why hydrogen gas molecule is non polar?

The bond in the molecule is covalent.

What is the neutral particle that forms when atoms share electrons?

It is a molecule with a covalent bonding.

What is a neutral group of atoms held together by a covalent bond?

covalent bond

The smallest possible unit of a covalent compound?

The Smallest unit of an covalent bond is a molecule

A large oxygen atom shares electrons with smaller hydrogen atoms. what kind of molecule does this form?

That would be a description of water, i.e. H2O