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If your issurance has run out and you are pulled over what happens can depend on your driving history. If your driving record is good the worse that may happen is you will be ticketed for $538.00. If your record shows something your car may be impounded and/or your license suspended. on top of the ticket. You may fight this if you are caught without your proof of insurance with you, by going to court and bringing proof that you wer insured during the time you were pulled over. That depends on where you live. In Anchorage, AK you get a ticket(somewhere around $150 for the Police) your car towed(towing fees and $13 a day storage to the towing company). Then you pay the city $250 to get your car back. After that you go to criminal court, and if this is your first offence they charge you $250 again.

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Q: What might happen if you are pulled over and found to have insurance that has run out?
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