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Q: What metal is inside general electric Pyranol capacitor?
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Where does the energy of a charged capacitor reside?

In the electric field inside the dielectric (or insulating) medium separating the two plates

What is metallic film?

A metal film capacitor is an electrical part that holds energy electrostatically inside of an electric field. The capacitor has a dielectric which separates two electrical parts which are made out of thin film.

When was Inside the Electric Circus created?

Inside the Electric Circus was created in 1986-07.

What separates terminals inside a capacitor?

Any dielectric material can be used to separate the two metal plates inside a capacitor. This includes polymer, paper, glass or even air (although air is seldom used now).

How do capacitors classified?

capacitors are classified on the basis of dielectric material used inside it. For example the electrolytic capacitor consist electrolyte as dielectric mica capacitor consist mica as dielectric between plates and ceramic capacitor consist ceramic as dielectric.

Why does the electric field inside a dielectric decrease when it is placed in an external electric field?

The net electric field inside a dielectric decreases due to polarization. The external electric field polarizes the dielectric and an electric field is produced due to this polarization. This internal electric field will be opposite to the external electric field and therefore the net electric field inside the dielectric will be less.

Why electric bulbs don't have air inside?

Electric bulbs do have the inert gasses inside and not oxygen to avoid explosions.

How can you check your home AC compressor which does not turn on but the fan is running?

Check to see if the capacitor is good. It is usually located inside the outdoor unit. It could be that the capacitor is bad and needs replacing. The outdoor fan will still run if you have a dual capacitor. One sure sign of a blown capacitor is that the top of the capacitor is bowed outward. If you have a multimeter you could also check the amp draw on the condensing unit. I would look at the capacitor first though

Is an octopus has electricity in his leg?

well the answer is no but inside the body he forms electric. so i mean he doesn't have electric in the outside but he does in the inside

How a heated electric blanket works?

it works because all the wires inside of it and there is over 200 wires inside of a electric blanket

What is the energy inside the toaster?

Electric energy

An electric fan has an electric motor inside to changes?

electrical energy into mechanical energy.