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you may have to give a blood sample against your will

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Q: What may you do in a collision where there is severe injury or death?
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In a collision where there is severe injury or death You may refuse a sobriety test?


In a collision where there is severe injury or death you may be force to submit your blood against your will?


In a collision where there is severe injury or death You may?

stop trying to cheat on your durg and alcohol test -.-

In a collision where there is severe injury or death can you refuse a sobriety test?

(in the US) If you licensed in an implied consent state, no, you may not. In the case of a severe or deadly accident resulting in death, you may even be compelled to give a blood sample

How many points for rear end collision?

Typically in a rear end collision you do not receive points unless there is serious injury involved. If injury is caused then there may be points added.

Which are symptoms of a vaccine injury?

There are a wide array of symptoms connected with vaccine injury. Some vaccine injuries may have symptoms of a skin rash, fever, seizures, joint pains, or even death in severe cases.

What is the difference between a a major and a minor injury?

Major injury may lead to death, whereas minor injury does not lead to death.

If you are involved in a collision and you do not stop at the scene you may lawfully keep driving as long as there is no injury?


What baseball player had severe head injury?

There may be others but Tony Conigliaro comes to mind.

What are the types of Brain injury?

Breathing may stop Seizures Heart may stop Death

What is the medical definition of severe injury?

A severe injury is generally an injury that prevents you from going about your daily routine on an ongoing basis. There may be conflicting ideas about what constitutes a severe injury, especially when it comes to employers, insurance companies, etc. There is actually a numerical scale called an Injury Severity Scale (ISS) utilized by some in the Medical Community, and this defines a severe injury as greater than a 15. It is critical to be seen regularly by a trusted doctor to ensure that all proper tests are conducted, all results and symptoms are documented, and to assure that everything is done to assist with proper healing.

Can you get worksman comp when you didnt report injury right away?

Yes. You may not immediately know the injury is severe, or not need treatment immediately. MAny states have deadlines for claiming.