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Q: What materials are used for Brazilian headdresses?
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What ancient peoples used feathered headdresses?

Feathered headdresses were used by some North and South American Indian tribes. This was discovered by archaeologists examining the carvings on ancient temples and pyramids.

What did Indians use popcorn for?

they used popcorn for games, corsages, and they also used it to decorate ceremonial headdresses

What were Seneca Indians' clothing made out of?

Seneca Indians' clothing was traditionally made from animal hides such as deerskin, bear skin, and rabbit fur. They also used plant materials like cornhusks and fibers from plants like hemp and milkweed to make clothing. These materials were used to create garments like skirts, tunics, moccasins, and headdresses.

What is the plural possessive of headdress?

The plural form of the noun headdress is headdresses. The plural possessive form is headdresses'. Example: The dancers have to rehearse in costume because of their headdresses' weight.

What kind of drums are used in Brazilian music?

I think that a complete set of drums is used in Brazilian music.

What are dogon masks and headdress used for?

Dogon masks and headdresses were usually used during dances that occurred on special occasions.

Where were Aztec headdresses worn?

Aztec headdresses were worn on the head as a symbol of status, power, and identity. They were often worn during religious ceremonies, rituals, and important events by Aztec nobility, priests, and warriors. The type of headdress and its design could indicate the wearer's rank or role within society.

What is the plural posesseive form of headdress?

The plural possessive form of "headdress" is "headdresses'".

What is an abacaxi?

An abacaxi is a Brazilian pineapple. It can also be used in Brazilian Portuguese as slang for a difficult situation.

Where were Ceremonial headdresses produced?

In ancient times artisans and other skilled crafters were hired to produce the headdresses. Usually they could manufacture them in their own shop, unless the materials were valuable. In that case the artisan would work in the space the orderer provided. In modern times most manufacturing is made in Asia, but some is still done in the homeland.

What do the Egyptian headdresses stand for?

Usually only Queens or Kings or really rich people wear headdresses. They do so to prove that are rich .

What is the currany used in Brazil?

The Brazilian Real