What makes you back pop?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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The escape of gases from the joints in your back, or tendons returning to their original place. This is not determined to be harmful

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Q: What makes you back pop?
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What do you think makes popocorn pop?

I think the tiny drip of water makes it pop

What makes the noise when you crack your back?

Your bones There are gases that build up between your vertebrae. When you "pop" your back the noise you hear is the gases being released.

Why does your back pop so much?

i horse back ride and my back does not pop.

How does a popcorn kernal pop?

The HEAT makes it pop.

What makes a pop rock pop?

the spit inside your mouth

How to pop my back?

There are many ways that you can pop your back if you need to. You can do this by bending over a chair.

Why do objects make a balloon pop?

since the Balloon's latex is stretched so tight when you blow it up, poking it with something breaks the membrane of latex and makes a loud *pop* sound when it snaps back.

What gas makes a pop?


What sound does cork makes?

A pop!

What makes a pop up card a pop up card?

The thing that makes a pop up card a pop up card is that when you open it something pops out and that can be anything(paper-box,bouquet,face,hat etc...)

Does soda pop really pop?

The bubbles pop when they reach the surface of the liquid, yes. It makes a fizzing noise.

Why does my lower back pop without pain?

Your lower back may pop without pain if you have air in your spine. No pain is a good sign and it just means your back needed to pop.