What makes a person healty?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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The absence of diseases and illnesses. A lifestyle that involves exercise and a proper diet

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Q: What makes a person healty?
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What are the tips on being confident person?

you should be smart and healty

What are two good exercise habits?

They could help your immune system and it makes you more healty

What is in tomatoes that makes them so healthy?

There's nothing in the tomatoes that make them healty. It's that their veggies.

Healty food to help having a baby?

I heard that chocolate during pregnancy makes the baby happier

What makes person healthy?

By getting regular exercise and eating healthy with a balanced diet. Without this, you don't really have much hope..x]What makes a person healthy is:eating healty: fruits,vegetables,dry beansnot taking drugs,smokes,or alcoholexercising everydayeat whole grain bread and cereal

What is healty hair?

Eat and drink healty and then... you will know what it means to haveca healty hair.... because it will be like this. For a bit moore success you can try Argan Oil ;)

When do you say a person is healty?

eine Person ist gesund is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.



What healthy food do they eat in the Bahamas?

the healty food they eat is the same healty food we eat. lol =0 <=)

Why is getting fit good?

you get HEALTY

How did the Cherokee tribe live?

claen and healty

Is it beneficial for someone to eat healty food?