What makes a healthy body?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: What makes a healthy body?
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How does nutrition help your body?

It makes it healthy

How does vitamalt makes you healthy?

take care of your body

How milk help to your body?

it makes you strong and healthy

How does diet help your body?

it makes your body better and you will be more healthy and you get slimer

What effect does body size have on your diet?

body size makes an effect to a diet because it makes you lazy to eat the foods that are healthy for your body.

What are nutritive value of fruits and vegetables?

its because eating healthy food makes the body healthy

What does a healthy heart make?

It makes your body function well.

Why is fish healthy?

your body needs fish oil.It makes you smarter.

What benefits does the kiwi have on the human body?

The kiwi makes your body feel fresh because the kiwi tastes so good!1. it makes you strong and makes you healthy

Is it unhealhty to run everyday?

No, Run everybody makes a body fit and healthy.

Does Spirulina help for sex?

yes..spirulina contains high amount of vegetables protein,minerals,vitamins and makes the body healthy ..healthy body means healthy sex ..but dosage should be in limit

What does nutritious food do to you?

Nutritious food makes us healthy and our body can function well with it.