What make an act good or bad?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What make an act good or bad?
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Why does the devil act bad?

In theology, the devil does not act bad, it encourages humans to make bad choices through temptation.

Did a loyalist act bad or good?

If you were surpporting the Americas then bad but if you were still attached to England then good.

Is Mujina from Inuyasha The Final Act a good guy or a bad guy?

bad guy

Is scamming good to do?

No, scamming is a very bad thing to do. It is a shameful act.

What bad acts begin with J?

Jeopardize your good reputation is a bad act. It begins with the letter j.

Who state that good citizen make good state and bad citizen make bad state?


How should villains act in a novel you are writing?

The villians in a novel don't need to be bad they can act to be good or you can just let the reader know that they are bad itself

If good people always do good things and bad people always do bad things why does religion make good people do bad things?

Seriously, religion doesn't make people do bad things.

Who makes them good girls go bad?

I make them good girls go bad

What is good and bad points of an election?

good is serve people and bad is to make schams

Can your good outweigh your bad?

Yes, it is entirely possible that your good qualities will outweight your bad qualities. Everyone is different and everyone has a chance to change how they act.

You got a 23 on your ACT Is that good or bad?

That is near the average for most people taking the test. So, you are roughly in the middle of the pack, not good but not bad.