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The kidneys maintain the pH and regulate water content in the blood. The kidneys also remove waste products and filter them into the bladder to be removed.

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Q: What maintains pH and regulates water content in the blood?
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What is the part of a plant which regulates its water content?

The vacuole

Blood protein that maintains the proper proportion and concentration of water in blood?


What regulates water balance in the blood?

the kidneys do it.the kidneys

What structure regulates the amount of water in your blood?

the kidneys

What plasma maintains the proper amount of water in blood?


What maintains stable conditions inside the body?

There are far more than three conditions that are controlled inside your body. Examples are temperature, oxygen level, blood sugar level, pH of our blood, blood electrolyte levels, heart rate, and muscle tone. The maintenance of a relatively stable body state is known as homeostasis.

What organ is responsible for managing the water content of the blood?

The kidney is the organ that manages the water content of the blood. People typically have two.

A contractile vacuole is important to euglenoids for?

it regulates the water content of the cell, eliminating excess water, thereby maintaining osmotic potential

In human the organ the most directly regulates the concentration of the water in the blood?

the kidney's most directly regulate the concentration of water in blood.

Why does flushing sodium from the body lower blood pressure?

the body regulates sodium level by adding water to blood in circulation, that contibutes to increasing blood pressure.

What organ system regulates the composition of blood by eliminating nitrogenous wastes excess water and minerals?

Urinary system

Which brain structure is responsible for the regulation of water content in the blood?

The hypothalamus