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In no atmosphere. The HST orbits in low-earth orbit at 569 km and considerably above the atmosphere.

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Q: What layer of the atmosphere can you find the Hubble Telescope?
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Will the Hubble telescope find alien life forms?

hopfully NASA will

Why was the hubble telescope built?

The main reason that the Hubble telescope was built was to get pictures from outer space. The Hubble telescope was also built to help figure out how different planets function and if the telescope managers takes pictures of the sun or moon we can also find how natural disasters happen and how to help with the impacts on earth.

Where can find layer of atmosphere in the ozone layer?

The question is opposite. I can find a layer of ozone in atmosphere in stratosphere.

Why do you use a hubble space telescope?

to try to find the beginning of the study the stars...

What is the giant telescope in space?

Hubble Space Telescope. You can find information about the HST via the official HST website:

What can you find in this layer of the atmosphere?

This layer is not specified. What is this layer?

What layer of the atmosphere do you find asteroids?

We can find asteroid in mesosphere. It is the outermost layer.

Where you can find the ozone layer in thelayers of atmosphere?

where you can find the ozone layer is in the stratosphere

What did the hubble telescope find?

well it really didnt discover anything it was sent into space to take pictures of planets

Which layer of the atmosphere do we find human activity?

We find human activity in the closest layer. The layer is troposphere.

Which layer above and beneath ozone is?

See "In what layer of the atmosphere do you find the ozone layer?"

In which layer of the atmosphere can you find the earths weather?