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Q: What king of tea is good for allergy?
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Is pine needle tea good for allergies?

It won't cure your allergies, if that is what you are thinking. Allergy is a chronic condition caused by a defect in the immune system. You can control allergy by controlling your exposure to your specific allergens. Allergy cannot be cured, it can be controlled.

What is a good treatment for dog allergy?

A good treatment for dog allergy is nasal spray that will relieve your nasal sensitivity.

What was King George the third's problem after the Boston tea party?

King george problem was that he would not get his tea

Who was king of England during Boston tea party?

The King during the Boston Tea Party was King George the Third. Written as King George III.

What is the best homeopathic remedy for allergy?

Homoeopathy is individualization. It deals with a particular psyche of a particular person. we as homeopath can not recommend a single medicine for allergy on the net All medicines are good for allergy if symptoms of these medicines are there. Friends, keep it in mind we are not to cure the allergy as such but we are to cure the person who is suffering from allergy like symptoms.In concluding every homoeo medicine is good and magic for allergy.

What was Boston Tea Party about?

The Boston Tea Party was a result of the King taxing the colonist. The king put a tax on the tea and basically forced them to buy it. The colonists then dressed up like Indians ( to conceal their identity) and dumped the tea into the harbor. After that the king closed all of Bostons ports until the tea was payed for.

Did the king lower taxes on tea?

No he put the taxes on tea.~Miss Anonymous

Did the colonists get taxed after the Boston Tea Party?

After the boston tea party the king taxed all the tea in the colonies.

Was the Boston Tea Party important?

it was very important because it was how the king taxed the tea and tea was very important.

What is a good make of sinus allergy relief?

One may find that a good make of allergy relief is Allegra Allergy. It has quite a few different varieties to choose from. There is also Zyrtec available, among many others.

Whats a good Hawian tea?

One good Hawaii Tea is called Hawaii Plantation tea. It is black tea with pineapple juice.

Who was king at the time of the Boston Tea Party?

king Gorge the third