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adventure quest /adventure quest worlds etc.

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Q: What kinds of battleon games are there like mechquest dragonfabel?
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What kinds of games to teens play around the world?

Runescape is a popular one. Adventure Quwst, MechQuest, and DragonFable are some other ones. world of warcraft is the biggest one with over 15 million playing. i try it one day when i was sick.

What is there to do when you are a guardian on battleon?

Once you become a Guardian in Battleon the whole game gets a lot better and bigger, you get all kinds of new weapons, shields, armors, and spells. You also get to go on lots more fun quests and I totally recommend that you upgrade to Guardian/X-Guardian if you are not already :D

Were is the aqworlds adventure weapon enhancement shop?

There are tons of them in all kinds of shops. One is in the trainers house in battleon. You can join it by typing into the text bar, "/join trainers"

A sepulchure 1000 code that has not been used please for mechquest in return lvl 37 aq guardian?

get cheat engine 5.3 and it will come up with all kinds of codes

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Why did go multiplayer?

The game Battleon is not multiplayer, but if your referring to the game AQWorlds then, I assume because I cant be sure cuz I'm not them, its because they didnt want all the games to be the same because then it would only appeal to one gaming group, if they make all kinds of different games like RPG's and MMO's then they appeal to many different gaming groups and they satisfy more people's insatiable gaming desire :D

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